• Robert Kennedy Jr. with Floyd Scholz carving of an adult Peregrine Falcon.As a Falconer himself, Robert Kennedy Jr. was delighted upon receiving my carving of an adult Peregrine Falcon. He said his wife does a "double take" every time she enters the room where it is displayed in their home... Heady praise from someone who really knows Raptors!
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Thinking about a Floyd Scholz original?

"My original woodcarvings are found throughout the world in private and public collections. If you are considering investing in one of my originals, I welcome you to contact me directly with any creative ideas you may have. Owning one of my carvings is a lot easier than you might think! Nothing brings me greater joy than to see one of my creations "migrate" to a good home!

In this age of digital emptiness and mass production, think of the pride you'd have in owning a one of a kind signed and registered original! Contact me... you'll be glad you did!"

Floyd Scholz