• Class DemonstrationFloyd demonstrates carving and painting techniques every step of the way.
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Quotes from Participants

"... it's a gang I cherish. After a lifetime of pursuits I'm finally at home with carving. Thanks to you."

"I come to the class because of Floyd and because of the guys and gals that I've met."

"He makes people feel they can carve the most magnificent bird."

"I knew it would be intense carving..."

"You come here the first day and before you know it, it's the last day. It's the greatest stress pill there is."

See Schedule Below

2021 Carving & Painting Seminar Schedule!

"WINDIGO!" 1/3 scale Red-tailed Hawk

Monday May 10 - Thursday May 20, 2021

Red-tailed Hawk

Carve and paint a highly animated 1/3 scale Red-tailed Hawk!

Hey!!!! Get ready to kick off the 2021 seminar season in BIG fashion!! Together we'll carve and paint one of the most iconic carvings featured in my groundbreaking book, BIRDS of PREY! Titled "Windigo"... this composition features an adult Red-tailed Hawk caught in the wind struggling to hold onto a silvered snag!

This will prove a challenging and rewarding project for both the beginner and seasoned carver alike. Plan on "pushing the envelope" of design and execution in creating an energy packed, highly animated masterpiece you'll be proud of.

Carving Level: Open to all levels

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

"Outlook" Fluffed up Lifesize Male Kestrel on tall branch

Sunday June 6 - Wed June 16, 2021

Join me for a wonderful 10 days creating every carver's all-time favorite little raptor in all his magnificence!

Together we'll explore and learn the technique of creating fullness and softness from head to tail! We'll undercut lots of body feathers creating a valiant male Kestrel standing upright, fluffed up and resolute against a cold north wind. All aspects of carving, texturing and of course, painting will be covered in this remarkable creative experience.

Carving Level: Open to all levels

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

"Gorgeous" Lifesize Blue Footed Booby

July 11 - July 17, 2021, 8th annual "All Women's Spectacular!"

Lifesize Blue Footed Booby


Minimal texturing and maximum painting fun!! This short but exhilarating get-together is always one of the highlights of the carving year… Celebrating and combining the magic of friendship, art and a few laughs thrown in for good measure, the "Ladies only" class has become somewhat legendary in the world of bird carving seminars… C'mon up … you know you want to! Sign up today, join the gang and see what all the fuss is about!

Carving Level: Beginner to intermediate.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,000.00

"Autumn Hunter" Lifesize Saw Whet Owl with open wings!

September 12 to 22, 2021

Lifesize Saw Whet Owl with open wings

Soft, silent, unassuming and ferocious hunters, Saw Whet Owls are true masters of their forest environment!

We'll spend 10 days together creating a beautiful adult Saw Whet Owl on a carved maple leaf base having just pounced on and caught a small Garter Snake in its talons. What a showpiece this will be for your collection as we strive to capture the softness of the little hunter's feathers and learn all about wing insertion techniques, the dynamic relationship to its prey, and creating habitat, all while capturing the "look" so unique to this tough little beauty.

What a story this will tell of the daily struggle for survival in the natural world!

Carving Level: Open to all levels

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

Wall mount female Kestrel with 3 chicks !!

Sunday October 17 - Thursday October 28, 2021  The famous "October EVENT!!"

Female Kestrel

This legendary hauntingly outrageous Halloween themed class is now in its 24th year!!

We always really try and "UP THE BAR" in working on something unique, challenging, rewarding and just plain cool! During this amazing class Roberta and Roxie will not only help "up the Bar" but open it at 4:00 PM each day, too!!

Wimpy, afraid, sensitive and insecure carvers need not apply!

Carving Level: experienced carvers only please.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,650.00

Lifesize Black billed Magpie

Sunday Nov. 7 - Wednesday Nov. 17  "November to Remember" 2021

Black billed Magpie

What a remarkable way to wrap up the 2021 seminar season! Love 'em or hate 'em, Magpies are highly intelligent, curious and beautiful birds.

In this great fall classic, we'll be doing feather inserts, open mouth, feet, design and LOTS of iridescence throughout!! You'll learn new techniques you never knew you had to learn! The end result will reveal a long tailed member of the Corvids that explodes in color, grace and mischief!

I'm already excited about this!!!!! See you there!

Carving Level: Some carving and painting experience required.

Location: Vermont Raptor Academy
Bennington Center for the Arts
Bennington, Vermont

Register below and pay $400.00 deposit.

Class Fee:  $1,550.00

2021 Notes from Floyd...

"Covid-19 in 2021"
Update from Floyd April 8

Hello my Carving friends and family!
Regarding our May, June and July seminars,  I have held off as long as possible hoping for a miracle.   Sorry to break the news, but It ain't happening…
Due to so many factors related to the current state of the Covid pandemic and decisions regarding travel to and from Vermont, the new and dangerous variants of the virus, , closed borders, dining, lodging and social distancing, etc…etc…etc…  I just can't proceed in the upcoming months.
BUT FEAR NOT !!    Come "Hell or High Water"
we will be open for business in September, October and November!
I am so frustrated and tried to find a way to make it happen, but must put health, safety and common sense first…
For those who have issued a deposit for any of the classes and wish a refund, I'd be happy to do so!   Thanks for your understanding and patience during these times that try men's souls!

"Covid-19 in 2021"
Update from Floyd Feb. 2

Hello friends, and fellow Carvers!

As we all look to 2021 with hopeful, weary eyes, we must also be realistic. As I write these words, January is already rapidly coming to a close.

As of now, I am remaining hopeful that we will be able to safely come together in Bennington, Vermont starting in May to carve, paint and renew old friendships.

I will be replicating the 2020 schedule, posted on this website. Several factors will determine whether or not the seminars can occur. Safety is of paramount concern for all involved.

Travel to and from Bennington, Vermont, lodging and dining availability will also need to be open, available and functioning. Vermont has been very proactive and strict regarding its Covid19 protocol. I am proud of my brave little state as up to now, Vermont has remained one of the safest states in the country. I wish I had more definitive information for you at this time, but like so many others, I simply don't know what the next four months have in store.

The 2021 Ward World Championships will not take place once again in Ocean City. Attempts are being made to conduct a "Virtual Event" and I wish them luck in doing so.

We must all do what we can to get through this challenging, confusing and yes… dangerous time. I can only thank you for your patience… I will provide frequent updates when and if I have anything new to share. Happy carving, stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!


Greetings friends!

YES... I know just what you're thinking... "Thank GOD 2020 is gone and it`s 2021 !!!"

Sit tight, buckle up and HANG ON!  We're entering a new year and it's going to be quite a ride!

In my humble opinion, there isn't a better antidote to the avalanche of negativity and dire predictions spewing out of the news media every day than settling into your Studio and lovingly and skillfully transforming a block of wood into a beautiful bird!

My motto for 2021 is simple: "We're not here for a LONG time, we're here for a GOOD time."

The Vermont Raptor Academy lineup for 2021 is one of the most varied, exciting, challenging and interesting in quite some time! Dynamic Red-tailed Hawks, Kestrels, Magpies, Saw-Whet Owls... even Boobies! How could it get any better??

C'mon and join me in beautiful Bennington, Vermont and let's prove to the naysayers that this Ol' World can be a pretty good place after all! Join me and you'll learn what everyone's been talking about all these years! You WILL improve your carving and painting skills… that's a promise,   BUT! My jokes and the gourmet food are really what it's all about. See you soon!

Floyd Scholz

Class Location & Info

All seminars will be conducted at the Bennington Center for the Arts unless otherwise noted.

Seminars feature catered lunches, snacks and so much more!

Any questions, be in touch!

Class Size Requirement

Seminar participation total is limited to between six and 16 students.

In order to run the class, the sign up total must be 6 or more, or it will be cancelled.


Review our recommended supplies list.

Learn from DVD

As Floyd's seminar schedule is generally in great demand, he offers the additional option of learning from his many books and DVDs.

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